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Born and raised in Denver Colorado.  Attended Brigham Young University in Provo Utah on a Vocal Scholarship and graduated with a degree in Finance.  His first serious photography course was taken at BYU where he learned black and white photography, dark room techniques, composition and lighting.  He enjoyed many landscape photography trips to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. He was hooked with the shutterbug. Tom bought every Ansel Adams black and white photo he could afford on a college budget.  He moved from Colorado to South Florida 30+ years ago and spent much of his time in a technology career. About 4 years ago, Tom became very serious and focused on photography once again.

Fashion and Art come as second nature to members of his family.  His mother was one of the first performers to sing commercials on the radio.  Tina Hagen his sister became an extremely successful fashion designer with her own line…. “Tina Hagen”. 

What makes Tom’s photography so special is his ability to make his clients relax and have fun in front of the camera.  This comes naturally to Tom.  Every picture Tom creates is intended to be unique and produced with the intent of WOWING the observer.  His goal is to produce Museum quality art with every photograph.  This is what separates him from many of his photography peers.  He has said, “ A real photographic artist wants to draw out emotion from every photograph,”  Maybe some day you may see his work displayed in an Art Museum near you.  If not, be assured he poured his soul into his photography in the hopes for that ultimate goal.

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