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Client and Peer Referrals

Nothing is more important to me than providing a fun, exciting, and challenging photographic experience for all my clients.  Equally important to me is the ability to produce beautiful and artistic images that can be viewed on the internet or prints that you can be proud to display for generations to come.  This is what I believe sets me apart from some of my photographer peers.  I not only passionately love photography, I strive to make each of my photos special, different, and most of all a work of Art.  This is why I call myself a photographic Artist.

I have asked a few of my clients to provide some input regarding their experiences with me as a photographer.  Here are just a few of them:

Nancy Antony (Bride to Be)

I am so happy I chose Tom Schmuki for my pre-wedding photoshoot. He made sure to capture some amazing moments of us. The pictures are over the top spectacular and we were absolutely speechless. He is truly a photographic artist and you must take a look at his site- his works speaks for itself! If you want the best photographs to remember your special day, this man is the photographer for you.

Rebecca Kerchak (President Fashion for Humanities):

Tom Schmuki is a very artistic and passionate artist. I do not use the term artist lightly. There are some people that consider themselves photographers, that simply take pictures, and they can turn out great. However, Tom captures that creative edge and unique moments that take his work to the next level. 

Giselle Shimm (client)

My photoshoot with Tom Schmuki was absolutely phenomenal. I couldn't have chosen a better photographer to work with. Tom truly shows his passion through his work, which is nothing less than perfection. His professional aspect of his work allowed me to express myself freely and reach my maximum potential. Every angle he captures on his camera is absolutely breathtaking. Tom provided me with the most stunning images. Just by watching him work the camera, anyone can tell he is dedicated and passionate about his work. His creativity is expressed through his exquisite mind. I am honored and blessed to have worked with such an incredible individual. His work has the ability to leave an impression that will last a lifetime. 

Dora Sasu (Fashion Designer)

Thank you!!!! Tom Schmuki you're such a talented photographer!

Joanne Jeffers (Fashionista)

She is just so gorgeous,  you do such a great job capturing the beauty, emotion, and life in every picture!

Carol Lynn Wilgren (Fashion)

Thank you!!!! Tom Schmuki you're such a talented photographer!  Absolutely the most perfect picture ❤❤ Brilliant 

Vanessa Ospina (make up artist)

I have worked with Tom as the Makeup and Hairstylist about four times now and hope to continue that. His work has brought me other jobs! If you see the effort he puts into each shot you would be impressed as well. He is a very talented Photographer and you can tell he loves everything about photography. Every shot he takes he really goes into detail and makes sure it the perfect shot! Very high quality work. It's not only about the photography but about the man himself! His patients and kindness towards the people he is working with is hard to find. I personally thank you Tom for these four past photoshoots not only for the amazing shots I have now but for the greatest experiences I had!   

Ana Thomas (model)

You are so great to work with and your creative vision is amazing!!!  What you do with the editing of the photos create a memorable reaction of that photograph you have taken!!!  I would work with you anytime over and over and over and over again!

Janya Frye (model)

I had the most amazing photoshoot with Thomas. He is very professional, creative and talented. Love all his photos.

You are definitely my favorite photographer! All pictures you take are A+ :))

Mike Shimm (model)

Having the opportunity to work with Tom Schmuki was just an awesome experience. From our initial meeting, the photoshoot to receiving the incredible images was just a pleasure. Such a talented professional who is passionate about his work and a perfectionist whom has mastered the art of photography. Tom puts his best effort and every ounce of energy into each shot. His artistic and creative mind at producing astounding masterpiece images will leave you breathless, impressed and obviously yearning for more. As a model having worked with several photographers in the past,  I must say that Tom is truly the best, just a blessing to have had this opportunity. Thanks again Tom and keep up the magnificent work.

Melanie Grafton (Client)

Working with Tom was a wonderful experience, he is really good at his job and he definetely knows what he is doing. I felt comfortable during the photoshoot and loved the advice he gave me on how to pose to get the best out of the picture! He is really picky which is good because he makes everything be on point! His lighting assistant is really good too! I will definitely take pictures with him again! 

Richard Tyroler (client, business associate and friend)

I have known Tom over 10 years in many different capacities, co-worker, Administrator, Photographer and friend!!!  In every capacity, Tom is the best!!!  Hard working, diligent, first class, caring and true professional. I took my wife who is a realtor for a photo shoot with Tom and honestly, I can't imagine someone doing a better job. Tom was fun to work with, patient as can be and really cares about his work!!!  I promise you will not be disappointed to have Tom take care of all your photo needs!!!

Lucia Craciun (Fashion Designer - Fashion Risks)

I had a great experience with photographer Thomas Schmuki. We did a fashion photoshoot for my new Resort line that turned out amazingly fun. He has a great eye for artistic and fashion photography. 

Will definitely do another photoshoot with him. He's very experienced in lifestyle and fashion Photography plus we did many events and fashion shows toghether so don't hesitate to contact him!

Daniel Lara Monteagudo (model)

Thank You so much Tom. Your pictures are amazing and I love working with you.

Naimi Segui (model)

Tom is very talented as a photographer his pictures have made me grow as a model and artist.He knows how to work the camera and help the models out ! I am so glad that I chose him.Very kind person and warm hearted you wont regret it !