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Retirement Day 1 Oh My

Tom Schmuki1 Comment

For those who have been interested in or annoyed by my count down to retirement.  It is officially here.  I am typing this BLOG on Tuesday, my second day off from work.  Here are some of my feelings and emotions.


I realize every penny I now spend may not be replaced by a “regular” pay check.  My whole psyche of spending and saving money has already changed.  No more buying a new car and or motorcycle every 3-6 years.  No more going out to lunch every day and spending on average $15 including tip.  Soup and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches a flashback from my college days. This is currently my prevailing thought over the past few days.

What I would love to do:

I would love to fill my time with everything about photography.  Taking photographs, teaching, mentoring, learning and documenting.  Travel the world and somehow make enough money in my photographic work to pay for a good portion of that travel.  On my short list of hopeful places are: Orlando, Saint Augustine, New Orleans, Chicago, New York, Denver, San Francisco, France, Italy, Dubai, India, Thailand, China, Australia, Hawaii, the MOON.  Just checking to see if you are still reading.

Hobbies other than photography that I love and hope to fill my time with:

Motorcycle Riding

Maybe an across the country trip that may take months to complete. Trips to the Florida Keys, Tennessee, North Carolina are absolutely going to happen.  Time to visit my son David and my 2 and 1/3 grand kids in North Carolina and my sister Tina in Tennessee.


Time to play again, I have beautiful courts right at my house in Delray.  Never even played there in the 2 years


My PING golf clubs are calling me and soon I will be out on the links, SPF 100 included. FORE!!!!


I actually enjoy working out, mostly aerobics, but I most definitely need to do sorting like YOGA, I am SOOOOO stiff I can hardly bend down to tie my shoes lol. Now DROP and give me 50!


I am going to get deep into the video side, including editing.  I want to be a better video editor than I am a still photography editor.  DRONES, here I come.  I am looking for a mentor and teacher to get me some flying time as soon as possible.

Bicycle Riding

I mean Road Bike riding.  I have done this many times in my life and once I get back into it, I will be wheeling it around on my bicycle at places like A1A right in front of Trumps Mara Lago in West Palm Bech.


Yup, I actually love to cook.  Problem is, it makes me FAT!

Thats my short list.  Hit me up and let’s do these things together!