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Retirement Month 1 - Where did the 30 days go?

Tom Schmuki1 Comment

So how is your retirement going?  Thought you would never ask.  

My last day at Motionpoint as a full time software development manager was Friday October 5th.  I would say, I went out with a whimper.  A number of my fellow developer peers took me out to lunch at Santos Japanese Steakhouse.  All you can eat.  My office was empty and I gazed at my computer for the last time. I realized my career in technology as most assuredly over, unless of course I get an offer ai cannot refuse ….

Don’t forget my retirement was retiring from working for someone else for a “steady” paycheck.    I am certainly not at the stage of playing dominos at the park in Hollywood beach. I am not even ready to play tennis, golf, or ride motorcycles every day.  I am ready for 24x7 photography.

So lets start with what I did do during the month:

Studio shoot with Dylan Pinnell.  This was so fun and I am positive Dylan is off to a very exciting and promising career in modeling.  

Christmas Mini Sessions at Delray Beach Country Club.  A great experience.  I photographed 9-11 families and had a glorious day.  So fun, the kids came in dressed to the nine, new hair cuts and beautiful smiles on their faces.

I was then invited to be the photographer for the VIP Emergency Management reception at the Wyndham Hotel in Boca Raton.  Thank you Samantha Jay for your confidence in my work and the great experience of photographing some of the most influential leaders and educators in emergency management.

Just a few weeks back I was invited to be the photographer for KK Swimwear’s BIMINI photo shoot.  So much fun, and such a great experience.  Natalia Garcia, your designs are incredible and you are such a joy to shoot with.  Samantha Guiterez and Sofia Trujillo such poised and talented models.  Not to forget one of the most talented makeup artists I know Virgina Velez.  This was a whirlwind of work with no time to anything but pull the trigger on my Nikon.

I then took a trip to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando Florida.  This has become a tradition for me and my daughter Allison.  I got some great pictures that night and did not even get sick, perhaps the first time ever for me at an Orlando theme park.

I followed up the night at Orlando with a studio shoot at Adorn Studio in Ocala Studios with models Abigail Coquilla and Xiomy Canela.  This was a very fun exercise in how many looks and scene changes can we squeeze in to the 3 hour time slot at Adorn Studios.  I think the results were fantastic.

Last but not least was Halloween itself. I had so much fun photographing my neighbors in Delray Beach.  I think I surprised my neighbors with something new, exciting and worth while for the participating Halloween walkers.

All that being said, I look back at my first month of retirement as spending 90% of my waking hours from 7:30-11:30 at night in front of my computer.  Editing pictures, creating business plans and strategies, marketing, etc.  I thought I would get away from the 40 hours at my full time regular job and 40 hours in photography.  Now it is 80+ hours in photography, and way too much time in front of my computer.  This needs to change but fast.  Perhaps more motorcycle rides, tennis, and maybe even a round of golf or 2.  

— tom