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I hope to see clearly again

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Every photo I take, every photo I edit I deem as my possible last.  That may sound morbid but it is the actual truth.  I treat it that way, I focus on perfection that way.  I want my last photo to be my best if it is my next one or one 200,000 clicks away.

A follow up on my previous blog – One breath away

It has been more than a month now since my fainting incident at my home in Delray Beach.  After the incident I soon noticed my vision had dramatically changed.  I was seeing double with and without my glasses.  I had two choices to see clearly; turn my head 45 degrees to the right, or shut one eye, either eye.  This is not a good thing for a photographer who is all about “seeing”.  I have struggled for the last 4 weeks in my shooting and editing process as can be imagined.  I never gave up, and never gave in, and my results can be seen in my postings since then.

I first visited my eye doctor to see what was happening. He prescribed a dramatic change in my prescription and a “prism” in my lenses to help correct the double vision.  He also said with this dramatic of a change something may have happened much more serious. He then referred me to a neurologist.  A very brilliant and talented neurologist prescribed a myriad of other tests, lab work, doctors including ophthalmologist,  hematologist, cardiologist, MRI scans of head and neck, more blood work.  YIKES.  This is serious.  After visiting both the neurologist and the ophthalmologist they were both moderately convinced I had some kind of a stroke.  Today…. MRI.  Who knows.

My vision is much better with the corrective lenses, but without my glasses on I see major double vision.  All I can say is this old man is traumatized. 

71…. Days until I retire from Motionpoint.  Then I can focus on my love of photography and life.

If you read this far, you care about me and I thank you very much and you know what my number counters have been on my Facebook postings.  I thank you for your friendship love and concern!