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The Motorcycle LEAN

Tom Schmuki1 Comment
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Only a few will understand this short BLOG.  If you have ridden a motorcycle or a CAR on a racetrack that is actually “sloped” like Daytona Speedway you will get this entirely.

I mentioned in a facebook post that what I like about motorcycle riding is “The LEAN”.  Riding a motorcycle down a straight roadway involves no lean and therefore all the other joys of motorcycle riding come in like freedom, wind in your face, power, vibration, rumble, road noise and of course my rock and roll music blasting LOUD.

I am particularly focused on the LEAN. When I take passengers for a ride it becomes apparent right away if they know how to properly lean on a motorcycle.  Its like they FIGHT the turn instead of naturally leaning with the bike.  A proper turn of the motorcycle normally entails a LEAN and then a slight turn of the front wheel by the handle.  As a matter of fact, the turn feels much more like a LEAN than a turn of the wheels.

Want to really have practice on the LEAN, ride the Tail of the Dragon in the smoky mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee.  318 curves with some close to a 300 degree pivot.  You better know what you are doing if you are riding there.  Many a biker have gone done.  I found the hardest turns are those where the slant of the road is opposite the turn of the road.  This makes the lean and the turn of the handlebar even more complicated and fun.

There you go, nothing about photography, go figure.