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Please God don't let me lose my passion for photography

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Things I just cold turkey stopped doing

  1. Singing – a highly acclaimed vocalist.  Genre’s included classical, jazz and pop music. John Denver, Dan Fogelberg and the Eagles … my go to comfort zone. When I sang you could hear a pin drop in the audience.
  2. Guitar, Piano, Cello playing.  Never that great, but did it daily
  3. Basketball – played nearly every day from the 8th grade through my sophomore year in college
  4. Golf – played on the High School golf team, caddied for pro’s had a 3 handicap, wanted to become a pro but I was shooting mid 70’s on courses the pros would shoot low to mid 60’s on.  Peter Principle was obvious and painful
  5. Tennis – 4.0-4.5 USTA ranked player.  Won many club championships in singles, doubles and mixed doubles
  6. Church – that’s a LONG story
  7. Motorcycle riding – for nearly 20 years I rode almost daily, even in the snow storms of Utah.  Now I am lucky to ride once a week

I was extremely passionate about most of the above items.  Is photography next on the list?  I hope not.  Why do I bring that up?  In the last few months I have met 3 photographers who seemed as passionate as me and one day just stopped taking pictures, sold all their camera gear and never looked back.  Please Lord, let that NOT be me.  I love it toooooooooo much!  Besides I have a GAGGLE of photography gear.

If you want to know WHY I stopped doing the above items, just ask me...