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A selfie portrait tip for Valentines Day - Know your best side

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In Peter Hurley’s book “The Headshot” The secrets to creating amazing headshot portraits” he dedicates nearly an entire chapter on knowing and shooting your best side.  His discovery was of the thousands of people he has done head shots for their best side has been on:

  • 60% their left side
  • 30% their right side
  • 2% Ambifacial (Both sides are equally attractive) – Peter thinks he is in that category

What side is your good side

Peter’s standard setup before the client even arrives is lighting to favor a left side look.

… The pair took photos of 10 male and 10 female faces, and created a series of originals and mirror images, so that a right cheek could be made to look like a left or the other way around. When asked, 37 male and female college students overwhelmingly favored the left side, and it didn’t matter whether the left side was the original or the mirrored version.”

My tip of the day: if you part your hair on the left you are stating to the world your left side is your best side, and visa-versa.  If you part in the middle you believe you are amongst the 2% ambifacial category and are equally good looking on both sides. For me, I parted my hair on the right because for years I had a big "Dennis the Menace" cowlick that required a part on the right side to glue it down.

Take a look at any famous portrait painting or sculpture, nearly all favor the LEFT side.

Good thing I don’t take many selfies…


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