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When tragedy knocks on your door - High School Shooting nearby

Tom Schmuki2 Comments

This short blog won’t be about photography, modeling, posing or your “best side”.  I can’t help but say something about the recent events at a nearby school – Marjory Stoneman Douglas High.  I actually taught a few senior level “stock market” classes there while I was a Financial Advisor for Smith Barney. The school was so impressive: the teachers, the students, the campus, everything.  This is the kind of public school you hope your own children would have the privilege to attend.  This school is literally under 2 miles from where I work every day.  The school was across the street from where we lived for a year while our house in Delray Beach was being built.  I work so close to the event I almost could have heard the gun shots if I were outside my building.

I have no “save the day” commentary on gun control.  My commentary is around the mentally disturbed.  I am more of an expert at that than you may know.  My son Eric was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic when he was 19.  My son was incredible, my best friend, my golfing companion, my motorcycle comrade.  It is like someone flipped a switch.  He was all of a sudden NOT Eric any more.  I read all about the disease, and realized most diagnosed with this would live no longer than 10 years.  Sure enough Eric was gone, died in his sleep at 28.  Why is this relevant?  He was in a mental state for a decade where anything could have happened.  He scared his friends and his loved ones.  He was plain old “NOT RIGHT”.  Medications, drugs, hospitals, nothing helped.  He was released on the streets to deal with his problem.

I believe now that most of these mass murderers could not possibly have executed all those innocent souls unless something was dramatically wrong with their psyche.  Most likely many people knew these individuals were dangerous and unpredictable.  Yet, they were still left to roam the street and eventually create such harm. 

What is my plea to the world….. take mental illness much more seriously.  Keep the dangerous people away from the safe people.  Make sure mentally disturbed individuals are never allowed access to weapons of any kind especially guns.

My heart and tears go out to all impacted from this tragic event.  Yes, my own family is impacted.  Tears were rolling last night.  My daughter Allison knew 5 kids who were killed.  Her best friend who was over at our house twice in the last week was in the closet while the shooter was right outside. She saw one of her best friends shot and killed right in front of her.  Her friend is afraid to go out of the house...

Feelings of rage, anger, fear, disgust and hurt were sizzling in our household all night.

Love your family today, you may not see them tomorrow.

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