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WOOF - where is my bridge?

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Want to laugh at or with me, go ahead and read on.  Yesterday during a happy moment eating jelly beans I noticed something hard in my mouth.  Crunch, crunch, crunch.  Must be a hard candy in the mix of jelly beans.  Wow it is hard.  I pulled it out of my mouth, looked at it and it seemed like a strange long skinny candy.  Back in my mouth again.  Crunch, crunch. Forget it. I pulled it out, looked at it and put it one the center console of my coffee table.  

Moments later I noticed my mouth felt dramatically different.  Sure enough there was a big whole in my gums.  OHHHHHH, that was my temporary crown that came out.  How embarrassing, I could not even tell what it was when I looked at it.

I immediately called my dentist and set an appointment to glue it back in my mouth.  I confirmed with the dentist it was not broken and set an appointment in 15 minutes.  Went out to my coffee table, and sure enough it was GONE.  Couldn’t find it anywhere.  Now I knew or suspected one of my DOGS jumped up on the coffee table and ate it.  I would be finding it in their POOP later.  NOOOOOO.  I looked and looked, hoping I was wrong.  Sure enough it was on the floor near the dogs kennel.  

I asked the dentist to sanitize the temporary bridge and it is now back in my mouth. WOOOOOF!

The struggle between honesty, transparency, and marketing

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This may be one of the most difficult blogs to compose, and perhaps even more difficult to read.  Family and friends, please do NOT be offended by my brutal honesty in this BLOG.  Hey, it may be my last blog depending on the results.

A previous peer who I have not heard from for maybe 25+ years, fellow co worker and friend who has been silently following my works, my blog and my photography reached out to me yesterday.  Reggie thank you for reaching out to me after all these years.

Reggie was very complimentary of my photography and my commentary, and even my blogs.  Her comment haunts me … “I see a touch of sadness in your words, but thats understandable ….”

I learned a lot from her commentary.  First of all, I just may have followers, silent ones who read my words, appreciate and admire my photography, and perhaps even enjoy some of it.  Based on the lack of clicks, read throughs, and commentary, I always assume no one is seeing, no one is reading, and this whole thing is just a platform for a personal/public journal that only generations in future may see. Perhaps I see it as personally therapeutic.

My next door neighbor yesterday stopped her car while I was washing my motorcycle and told me how much she enjoyed and appreciated my journalistic commentary and photos of my motorcycle trip to North Carolina.   Again, I had never known she was watching, stalking from afar so to speak. It made me happy.

To get better context to my commentary, you may want to read or review the following blogs:

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Yes Reggie, you are 100% correct, there is a tone of sadness to my prose.

So back to the title: The struggle between honesty, transparency, and marketing 

I have always known from day one that one of my biggest flaws is my transparency.  I tell the truth, my face and expressions tell the truth, sometimes it is brutal and hurtful.  This transparency made me a great manager and boss in almost any arena.  I would be quick to compliment, be thankful and get in the trenches with my staff.  This transparency also comes at a cost in business and in all areas of life both personal and professional.

Here it is: I struggle with sadness and depression, and have for years.  I can hardly remember what it feels like to wake up each day with a smile on my face.  I blame no one or nothing for my struggle nor my feelings.  It is NOT your fault.  This is the one thing I know!  For me depression is loneliness.  It does not matter if I am physically alone or in a crowd of dozens or hundreds of peers, family or friends.  I work very hard every day, every moment to mask this loneliness and depression.  

My motorcycle ride to North Carolina was done alone.  No family member wanted to go with me.  Hey, they are the smart ones.  The ride outside of Florida was miserable, lonely and COLD!

What makes me happy?  It is very simple.  Feeling truly appreciated.  Feeling I have provided something of real value to someone.  Something that lasts more than the “click” or “like”.  Photography makes me happy.  Not the specific click of the camera, but more about the experience of the shoot and most importantly the value of the product I created. I yearn for my work to be valued in a real way.  I ache to leave a legacy of work that will be cherished by generations.  The reality of falling far short of those expectations is part of my daily struggle.   

This commentary is the opposite of marketing.  It is 100% truth.  Those who read this will probably agree with Reggie at even a higher level.  

I ask if you silently read my blogs, or silently view my photos, please once in a while reach out to me and let me know.  It has more meaning than you will ever know.


My favorite places to ride a Motorcycle

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It’s the Journey, NOT the Destination

It may be surprising to many that I am an avid motorcyclist.  Fact is many people are surprised I ride at all.  I don’t look like a motorcycle guy:  no beard, no tattoos, no pony tail, and I don’t normally have a can of beer in my hand.  I have  actually ridden some sort of motorcycle since I was age 14 even though I never really looked like a rider.  There have been times I have been without my favorite transportation and times when it was my only transportation.  

Most of my riding in the last 30 years has been in the southeast and of course primarily Florida.  As my future retirement unfolds, I hope to travel to many new and exciting places on two wheels.

There are certain places or environments that make motorcycle riding more enjoyable.  Those include but are not limited to: the weather, the view, the traffic, the twists and turns (straight is way more boring), the slopes and or hills (flat is MUCH more boring), the music, the sounds, the silence, the companionship meaning other riders on their own bike or a partner on the back of mine. 

This blog will focus on a few of my chosen special riding routes.  Remember my opinion is also based on the combination of the above factors during the rides I have taken.

  • Key West: Interstate 1, favorite part is 7 mile bridge just southwest of the city of Marathon

  • A1A between Lake Worth Florida and West Palm Beach, Donald Trumps Mara Lago is always interesting to look into

  • Miami to Key Biscayne - Bill Baggs Lighthouse park at the end, State Road 913

  • Miami to Miami Beach - South Beach via MacArthur Causeway.  You may have seen my video from GOPRO helmet

  • Homestead Florida to Everglades National Park via State Hwy 9336.  One of the best rides in South Florida, lots of twists and turns and a perfect pace for a motorcyclist.  

  • On Florida’s WEST coast, Sanibel and Captiva Island via Sanibel Causeway

  • Orlando to Leesburg and Mt Dora via 441 - a beautiful drive with some nice hills and twists

  • Daytona Beach to St Augustine via A1A- beautiful coastal scenery with a great destination - St Augustine

  • The Blue Ridge Parkway (Smoky Mountains) - North Carolina

    • Tail of the Dragon - 11 mile section with 318 turns

  • Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park

That is my short list, my actual riding list is MUCH longer.

Now that I will be retired as of October 5th, 2018, hit me up, lets RIDE.

The moment of Truth - a health update and photography tip at the end

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Beautiful model Laura Garrido

Beautiful model Laura Garrido

Another personal blog where you can learn “hidden secrets” about me, my life and my photography.  At the end of this blog I will give ONE photography tip to those photographers on how I assure proper skin tone exposures on things like fashion shows without using a light meter.

I have written two previous blogs about my latest health drama which started over 6 weeks ago.

One Breath Away

I hope to see Clearly again:

For those few who actually read my blog, thank you.  To me it means you care and are interested in my life and my work. For the most part I believe the blog is not really read by anyone, not even my wife lol.  For those select few who do…. THANK YOU.

Here is my health update.

After multiple visits to the following doctors: optometrist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, hematologist, cardiologist.  My neurologist basically said I need everything extensively checked from the “heart up”.  Guess my privates don’t matter …

I have had a Brain Stem Scan, throat scan, EKG, 24 hour heart monitor, echo cardiogram, multiple blood tests, bla, bla, bla.  Oh my. 

My personal prognosis:

My urologist determined my testosterone levels (T Levels) were far too low …. about 175 and at my age should be approximately 700-1000.  We discussed alternatives to fix my problem.  I was convinced even though I had initiated a conversation about the risks that I should go on a regimented supervised testosterone shot treatment plan.  Every other Friday, I have been shot in the arm with that stuff.  After my first blood test, they found my T Levels were great, in the mid 700’s but my blood showed signs of “thickening” and should initiate a plan of purging some of my old blood with new blood.  That is when I went and gave blood. 

It was that day…. Read my blog on  “One Breath Away”, that I believed I had a small minor stroke.  Frankly I thought I was going to die lying on the floor.  I think it may be called a TIA.  I exhibited at least 4 of the major signs of a TIA.

I am still feeling weak, but a little stronger every day.  I still see double (no improvement) without my prism glasses.  I am convinced after talking with people who have gone through this that I will get better and my vision will improve.  Can take 2-6 months.

My fear to be honest.  I read 1/3 of all patients who had a TIA have a stroke within 12 months.  Guess its time to ….. get in shape, fix my cholesterol issues, and most importantly enjoy my life and get that last great photo out there.  I will NEVER stop!

Photography Tip - Proper skin tone exposure

Photographers here is your tip: I look carefully at my histogram.  I zoom in on the skin tones and make sure the histogram is reading just past the middle and even as much as ¾.  Lets face it, if the skin is not exposed properly, what is the use?????

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Fashion Show Runway Models – Pro’s OWN the stage

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After shooting fashion show runways now for years I have noticed a distinct difference between the experienced and first timers strutting their stuff on the runway.  Confidence and excitement exude from the pros.  A pro literally takes over the stage, they own it so to speak.  They take their time and their whole countenance glows.  Each pose has clearly been practiced over and over, and the models give the photographers time to “get their shot”.  The next pose just “flows” from the previous one.  Almost like a choreographed dance. 

I have included a picture of a model that clearly owned the stage.  She was full of confidence, poise and fun.  She loved being the center of attention.

Conversely the “first timers” or nearly first timers are very much the opposite. You get the feeling that they can’t wait to get off the stage, even to the point of literally not striking one single pose.  Perhaps they think that strutting across the stage is enough. 

Runway models, if you want great shots from the photographers then take your time, enjoy the moment, interact with the crowd and the photographers, pause just a little longer at the end of your pose, change your facial expressions along with your different poses.  When you have traversed back to the beginning of the runway, turnaround, pose again, I am waiting for that last great shot!  Pause, smile, enjoy the moment.  You worked very hard to get here.

My hats of to the DAMA organization for mentoring and tutoring these wonderful young models.  Their runway training alone stands out in every show!  What the young models get from DAMA is much more than that including poise, respect and many others. My highest recommendation to attend their schools!

What do I know, I am just the photographer …

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Take a look at this fantastic link on model posing: