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My favorite places to ride a Motorcycle

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It’s the Journey, NOT the Destination

It may be surprising to many that I am an avid motorcyclist.  Fact is many people are surprised I ride at all.  I don’t look like a motorcycle guy:  no beard, no tattoos, no pony tail, and I don’t normally have a can of beer in my hand.  I have  actually ridden some sort of motorcycle since I was age 14 even though I never really looked like a rider.  There have been times I have been without my favorite transportation and times when it was my only transportation.  

Most of my riding in the last 30 years has been in the southeast and of course primarily Florida.  As my future retirement unfolds, I hope to travel to many new and exciting places on two wheels.

There are certain places or environments that make motorcycle riding more enjoyable.  Those include but are not limited to: the weather, the view, the traffic, the twists and turns (straight is way more boring), the slopes and or hills (flat is MUCH more boring), the music, the sounds, the silence, the companionship meaning other riders on their own bike or a partner on the back of mine. 

This blog will focus on a few of my chosen special riding routes.  Remember my opinion is also based on the combination of the above factors during the rides I have taken.

  • Key West: Interstate 1, favorite part is 7 mile bridge just southwest of the city of Marathon

  • A1A between Lake Worth Florida and West Palm Beach, Donald Trumps Mara Lago is always interesting to look into

  • Miami to Key Biscayne - Bill Baggs Lighthouse park at the end, State Road 913

  • Miami to Miami Beach - South Beach via MacArthur Causeway.  You may have seen my video from GOPRO helmet

  • Homestead Florida to Everglades National Park via State Hwy 9336.  One of the best rides in South Florida, lots of twists and turns and a perfect pace for a motorcyclist.  

  • On Florida’s WEST coast, Sanibel and Captiva Island via Sanibel Causeway

  • Orlando to Leesburg and Mt Dora via 441 - a beautiful drive with some nice hills and twists

  • Daytona Beach to St Augustine via A1A- beautiful coastal scenery with a great destination - St Augustine

  • The Blue Ridge Parkway (Smoky Mountains) - North Carolina

    • Tail of the Dragon - 11 mile section with 318 turns

  • Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park

That is my short list, my actual riding list is MUCH longer.

Now that I will be retired as of October 5th, 2018, hit me up, lets RIDE.