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Wynwood Walls and Model Photography- WOW

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During my first 2 weeks of blogging, I must have written 10+ blogs.  I got a little distracted and very overwhelmed with the tragedy shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School right down the street from where I work. 

Wynwood is definitely my favorite place to photograph with models in South Florida.  I have photographed the following models there:

  1. Irina Key with Fashion Designer Lucia Craciun Dare to Wear (October 2015)
  2. Miriam Campos Galindo (April 2017)
  3. My Daughter Allison Schmuki (December 2017)
  4. Samantha Gutierrez Vargas model with KK Swim Wear (February 2018)
  5. Deborah Witkind, Miriam Campos Galindo, and Angelo Padin (February 2018)

Why is it such a great place to photograph models? 

  •  Wynwood seems “model and photography” friendly. I have never been asked for a permit to shoot by local authorities.  Most all restaurants and business establishments welcome us with open arms.  There is nothing worse than having to “not look official and sneaking around to get the next shot…” Thank you so much Wynwood for that!
  • The walls are ever changing.  Variety is the spice of life. However, some of my favorite walls/paintings have been painted over by another artist.
  • The Colors, the lines, the structure, the ambience.  All a WOW.

I have been asked by my models what to wear.  I would say this is the one place almost anything goes from swimwear to formal and elegant wear and everything in between.  I try to make sure the outfits do not clash with the wall painting and I try to not get too concerned that the outfit matches the theme of the wall.  Others have commented on some of my photos that the outfit does not meet the theme of the wall.  I say get over it.  I presume a perfectly planned shoot would be to choose the exact walls you want to shoot and then plan the outfits around those walls.  Problem is the walls may not even be available due to cars, people, etc.

II have included some of my favorite photographs from these sessions in this gallery.  My latest session photos are not available yet. If you would like to see more, please reach out to me and I would be glad to make them available to you.

Tip of the day:

When photographing people against walls pick the right time of day for the effect you are looking for. Most of my greatest shots are taken during the golden hour of photography.