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WOOF - where is my bridge?

Tom SchmukiComment

Want to laugh at or with me, go ahead and read on.  Yesterday during a happy moment eating jelly beans I noticed something hard in my mouth.  Crunch, crunch, crunch.  Must be a hard candy in the mix of jelly beans.  Wow it is hard.  I pulled it out of my mouth, looked at it and it seemed like a strange long skinny candy.  Back in my mouth again.  Crunch, crunch. Forget it. I pulled it out, looked at it and put it one the center console of my coffee table.  

Moments later I noticed my mouth felt dramatically different.  Sure enough there was a big whole in my gums.  OHHHHHH, that was my temporary crown that came out.  How embarrassing, I could not even tell what it was when I looked at it.

I immediately called my dentist and set an appointment to glue it back in my mouth.  I confirmed with the dentist it was not broken and set an appointment in 15 minutes.  Went out to my coffee table, and sure enough it was GONE.  Couldn’t find it anywhere.  Now I knew or suspected one of my DOGS jumped up on the coffee table and ate it.  I would be finding it in their POOP later.  NOOOOOO.  I looked and looked, hoping I was wrong.  Sure enough it was on the floor near the dogs kennel.  

I asked the dentist to sanitize the temporary bridge and it is now back in my mouth. WOOOOOF!