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Fashion Show Runway Models – Pro’s OWN the stage

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After shooting fashion show runways now for years I have noticed a distinct difference between the experienced and first timers strutting their stuff on the runway.  Confidence and excitement exude from the pros.  A pro literally takes over the stage, they own it so to speak.  They take their time and their whole countenance glows.  Each pose has clearly been practiced over and over, and the models give the photographers time to “get their shot”.  The next pose just “flows” from the previous one.  Almost like a choreographed dance. 

I have included a picture of a model that clearly owned the stage.  She was full of confidence, poise and fun.  She loved being the center of attention.

Conversely the “first timers” or nearly first timers are very much the opposite. You get the feeling that they can’t wait to get off the stage, even to the point of literally not striking one single pose.  Perhaps they think that strutting across the stage is enough. 

Runway models, if you want great shots from the photographers then take your time, enjoy the moment, interact with the crowd and the photographers, pause just a little longer at the end of your pose, change your facial expressions along with your different poses.  When you have traversed back to the beginning of the runway, turnaround, pose again, I am waiting for that last great shot!  Pause, smile, enjoy the moment.  You worked very hard to get here.

My hats of to the DAMA organization for mentoring and tutoring these wonderful young models.  Their runway training alone stands out in every show!  What the young models get from DAMA is much more than that including poise, respect and many others. My highest recommendation to attend their schools!

What do I know, I am just the photographer …

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Take a look at this fantastic link on model posing:


Wynwood Walls Swimsuit Shoot with Samantha

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Every once in a while I reach out for a photo shoot.  I guess my camera just gets lonely.  I don’t take enough pictures ... over 25,000 photos taken in 2017.

Wynwood Walls/Arts District is always such an exciting place to go.  First of all they are always camera/model friendly.  Police officers and grounds crews don’t come up to us and ask us for our “permit” and if we don’t have it, we are asked to leave or even worse yet escorted off.

Every time I go to Wynwood, which seems to be 2-3 times per year, there are new paintings that were painted on top of previously painted walls.  Ever changing.  That’s exciting, except when your favorite wall/painting is no longer there.

My models family drove all the way down from Orlando (4 hour drive) just to shoot with me at Wynwood.  What an honor.  Samantha is one of KK Swimwear’s premier swimsuit model The President/Owner/Creator of KK Natalia Garcia responded to my search for a shoot on Sunday.  She had planned on shooting Samantha herself.... a very good photographer in her own right.  She asked me to fill in for her because of personal issues that came up.

I would like to personally thank Samantha, her parents and especially Natalia for the invite.  Samanthas father was so helpful lugging around my heavy equipment and holding my lights!  I could not have done this without you. 

You will see some fantastic photos in the near future.  Here are just a few of my first edits.

A few photo tips when shooting Wynwood Walls:

If you are shooting a model, people, THEY are the subject, NOT the walls.  If you want to include detail of the WALL painting and the model, make sure your F-STOP is approprate based on your lens choice, your distance from the model and the models distance from the wall.  I frequently shoot multiple F-Stops so I can choose later the best choice.  Last tip; there are lots of lines, use them (leading lines).  Always make sure the lines draw attention to your subject, the model.

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