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Wynwood Walls Model Photo Shoot #1

Tom SchmukiComment

I am pleased to announce my first of hopefully a series of shoots at Wynwood Walls went fantastic.  Not without a hitch however.  We did have 1 model out of 6 who could never find us.  I had over a dozen models male and female asking me to participate in the shoot.  I had originally planned on shooting 1-3 models feeling each model deserves all the attention I can muster up.  I guess I couldn’t say no to the final models asking to get in on it. I knew it would be very difficult to coordinate 5-6 models with 3 different themes: PUNK, SWIMSUIT and GLAMOUR.  Parents and siblings attended the shoot and I think there may have been a dozen or more people hovering around each and every move.  Pressure!!!  I loved it.  I tried my hardest to give each model ample photography opportunity and also took group photos for each theme.  At the end of the day I took about 80+ photographs of each model and at least 50 or so group or combination shots.

Lessons learned?  It is HOT at 4:00 pm at Wynwood.  Find shade fast.  Look for contrasting colors and shadows.  Keep hydrated…. I couldn’t get enough water down.   I also learned that most venues, restaurants, bars etc. are very photographer and model friendly. Every one I asked said, sure you can shoot here.  I found a perfect place to shoot the models in their swimsuit.  It was inside a bar/restaurant.  The even said yes, then he asked are they all over 18?  Woops….  I am going back there with 18+ models.  It will be fantastic.

If you are interested in participating in one of my future model shoots at Wynwood or other venues, please DM me.  I am sure all participants will give a resounding positive recommendation.  They all had FUN, FUN, FUN, and so did I.

Thank you DAMA for recommending me to these fantastic, fun models!