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– My photo is a masterpiece in my own mind, please don’t alter it

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Wynwood Walls Model Shoot #1 with beautiful model Kelsey Silva Espino

Wynwood Walls Model Shoot #1 with beautiful model Kelsey Silva Espino

I have been working with and photographing models, fashion shows, runways now for a number of years.  I truly love it.  Now I am going to give my 2 cents on a very controversial subject.  I have read and understand many different opinions on this.

I refuse to compare myself with other photographers, what they do and what their results are.  I just do the best I can and produce the best product I possibly can.  I hope that shows in my work.  I not only work extraordinarily hard in the photo shooting process including preparation and shoot, but I spend sometimes hours editing one photo.  Many of my peers thinks that is a waste of time.  Perhaps it is.  But I have a product in mind and I am not happy until I get it.  Some of the things I labor over in this editing process includes hues, and colors, black and white, and almost more important than all is the CROP I choose for the photo.  I do NOT normally crop the photo for a specific photo frame dimension like 5x7, 8x10, 14x20, and certainly not Instagrams SQUARE requirement.  I CROP the photo for an optimal photographic composition.  After that crop is carefully executed I put my watermark on the photo so I can post it on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.  What does that Watermark mean to me.  It means I put my stamp of approval on it.  It means I may have spent hours editing that one photo.  It means I am proud of it, proud enough to put my name on it.

Please, please don’t alter my photographs by changing the colors that I chose, by cropping the photograph to your liking or strip my watermark off so you can fit it on your profile picture or Instagram.  I would be glad to accommodate a different edit for you if requested.  I also use a program from my Instagram posts called Squareready.  This allows me to maintain the dimensions of my chosen crop and place it in that crazy square required frame of Instagram.  Can you imagine forcing you to watch all television programs in a SQUARE?  What?

Also, please don’t put advertising of a 3rd party product on my photos either without my express written consent.  That is not fair to the creator of the photo.  If a jeweler, makeup company or shoe company wants to use my photo for their advertisements, that’s GREAT.  Please let them talk to me about it.  I am a fair business man and I promise I will do what is right.

Just my opinion, but a very strong one.  I do appreciate yours and wish you all a wonderful day.

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