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Paparazzi – Now I understand

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This is my first real attempt to start a BLOG.  My blog will definately be focused on my experiences in around photography.  I will discuss events, best practices, experiences, tutorials and of course point my peers to other postings I find interesting and useful.


After photographing the Pegasus World Cup Invitational in Miami Florida I understand more clearly the world of Paparazzi.  I have always said I don’t want to be one of those …. Chasing after the famous, interrupting their world, getting their attention, begging for their photograph and of course fighting the other photographers who are all looking for the same.

Shame on you my fellow photographers for treating your peers with such disrespect.  I observed arguments, mostly about allowing other photographers in the back row to get the shot.  I was asked by a fellow photographer to move because he had his name on the floor.  Guess I was not one of the named privileged few.  He was not only rude, but he seemed 2 miles wide, taking up the space of 2 photographers with his girth.

No wonder celebrities avoid paparazzi like the plague.  I don’t blame them.  While photographing the celebrities on the blue carpet with the paparazzi all around me, I heard a constant barrage of pleas from the photographers … “Hey, look my way”, “Up here”, “Take our hat off”, “take your glasses of”, “put your hand on your hip”, “blow me a kiss”, “how about a wink”, “do you remember me at the …. Party?”, “can you come back, I never got the shot”, “loved you in … name the movie/event”.  Lenny Kravitz, now I know why you made a v-line move right through the paparazzi not allowing any pictures to be taken.

I always said I am a people photographer, and what I really mean is I totally enjoy taking photographs of people who want me to take their photograph.  When I got away from the crowd of the paparazzi I finally started to feel like myself again.  Almost everyone graciously respected me and anxiously wanted me to take their photo.  They were kind, courteous and respectful.  I could tell how excited they were to be there and to possibly get a fantastic photo to represent their day.  I got out of my comfort zone and approached people asking them if I could take their picture.  Not a soul said no.  After showing them my photo in the back of the camera, I got what I almost always get…. “that may be the best picture I have ever seen of me …. How do I get it?”