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It’s not where you shoot, it’s what you SEE - FAT City Photo Shoot

Tom SchmukiComment

As I progress through my career as a professional photographer, I find myself mentally creating beautiful pictures and compositions everywhere. Of course some are better than others.  The vision of a photographer or cinematographer must SEE, create, compose, click or ROLL.  I found it interesting during my last model shoot which was originally planned at Wynwood and then moved to FAT City in Fort Lauderdale because of the Cinco de Mayo party scheduled at the same time.  I had models refuse to do the FAT city shoot because they LIKE Wynwood so much better.  BIG mistake, ask any of the models who attended my FAT city shoot.  It was amazing. 

Lessons learned

You don’t need 100’s of beautiful walls to create fantastic pictures and backdrops for model photography.  What you do need is vision and clarity.  I need to frame a shot that obeys or purposefully disobeys the laws of composition, color and balance.  FAT City, there were shots everywhere. 

Thank you to my wonderful models and parents for taking part in such a fun and fulfilling event.  I would recommend these young models to anyone!


Melissa Lugo, Katherine Puertas, Leyda Mujica, Catherine Guiterrez, Jennifer Garcia and Laura Finley